UDENZ Blockchain WhitePaper

UDZ Blockchain

We are introducing by Early 2019 UDZ Blockchain Empowered Platform to achieve the following Goals :

  • Empower the dentists of the MENA region by giving them access to the global market .
  • Provide a complete dental history of the patient to the dentist thus enabling the dentist to make more specialized treatments according to the patient.
  • Prevent insurance claim frauds by using blockchain which has resulted in a loss of 3.67 Billion AED in the UAE itself.
  • Provide dentists the money for a genuine claim in under 24 hours which currently takes 60-90 days.
  • Make Dental procedures cheaper for patients
  • Make insurance premiums cheaper for the patient.
  • Incentivize patients to follow dental check ups and procedure thus promoting long term dental health and more patient retention for dentists

Aiming For..

Dentists Empowerment in MENA %
Delivering Complete Dental History %
Dental Frauds Prevention %
Cheaper Insurance Premiums %
Incentivize patients For check ups %
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